about us

Who are we? The following is the idea behind the Vielring brand.

We are a team of young people who design jewelry and with the help of our partners we have managed to give humanity one of the most beautiful adjustable jewelry pieces of our time. If you've ever thought about having a ring that you can comfortably wear on any finger, then we're your first point of contact.
The idea for these adjustable jewelry pieces came about when one of our team members wished they could put a ring that corresponded to your fourth finger on their middle finger - it didn't work. We realized that many people have experienced a similar situation and would like a better ring, especially if they don't want to sacrifice quality.
We immediately got to work and developed a ring that can be worn on any finger by adjusting the width/size. Additionally, most jewelry is made from 925 sterling silver, giving our customers peace of mind knowing they have the quality they want. In fact, we currently have more than 10,000 happy customers and still counting.
In addition to rings, our range also includes earrings, bracelets and necklaces, so you can find everything you want in our shop. All pieces of jewelry are handmade and can be shipped directly from Germany. In addition to our excellent product shipping system, we offer jewelry packaging ideal for gifts and any occasion. Browse our store and get the right jewelry for your upcoming event.